continuing professional development

Every project is different;  it takes well rounded and up to date knowledge to efficiently tackle each task as it comes along. 

As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement and development we undertake regular and continuing professional development far beyond the minimum requirement of the professional bodies we belong to.  We regularly attend lectures on professional practice and stay up to date with the appropriate legislation.  Each year we aim to attend the Australian Institute of Architects' conference, which is held all over the country.
We also strive to 'get out there and see it' to keep our inspiration levels high and to inform our work - we toured a major office furniture manufacturing facility in Melbourne in our research to deliver highly customised adjustable mine-control consoles in Perth.   In 2010 we completed a study tour in Japan, and are planning another international study tour soon.

our tools

Like all modern design practices we use CAD software that's compatible with the consultants we work with and we make it work for us. We don't simply use technology for the sake of it. We can and do produce 3D models for projects requiring the thorough investigation of form and structure, yet we maintain that the best projects on site are delivered by concise and precise documentation that allows both the client and builder to understand what's being built in the simplest way. Integral with our QMS system, we use a complex software suite to control schedules, specifications, and document issue control.